I guess I don’t “Cut the Mustard” … thanks Grey Poupon

I guess I’m not good enough to eat certain brands of mustard 😦  As an avid eater of Grey Poupon mustard, I was interested to read that they had launched a campaign today on Facebook, that requires one to apply to become a ‘member’ of their Facebook page. Instead of simply ‘liking’ the page, you have to submit an application that screens your Facebook profile, to determine if your up to snuff to be granted access to their Facebook page. (If you ‘like’ their page, they will cancel that like – somehow).

At first it seemed ingenious! I mean, how better to create a loyal and engaged following than by being selective about who you interact with.  But what happens if they’re selection filter isn’t working properly, and once loyal eaters are denied access? Well – they lose customers, and they create negative feelings towards their brand.

Ok – maybe I’m just a sore loser. But if I’m a lifelong eater of your product, and am not living on the streets, enjoy food, travel internationally, and am a reasonably well established business woman, how do I not fit in :/


I’ll be keeping an eye on their campaign to see how they’re doing. I like innovative and creative marketing ideas. And love this concept, in theory. Not sure their selection criteria or filters work well enough to test the loyalty of their users. Here is a small sample of the Facebook page posts:

Being Dumped in Social Media


In real life, we call it ‘being dumped’ or ‘breaking up’. In social media, its ‘defriending’. It is the act of leaving your friends, bf or gf, severing ties, calling it quits. Recently, I’ve been going through my social media lists, and making tough decisions on who to sever, and who to keep. In doing so, something came to mind.

What happens when you defriend someone in your social media world, and then you come face to face with them in real life?

What if you run in to them at the store? Coffee house? Out on the town?

One of my former school friends defriended me recently. I’m ok with that. I mean I don’t want to force myself on anyone. Argh – who am I kidding? It stings when you get dumped. Even if its online!

I’ve really thought through this… and even envisioned showing up at our next school reunion and running in to said ‘dumper’.  Would the conversation go something like this: “Hi Kerri*. Oh…what have I been up to? Well, if you hadn’t dumped me on Facebook, then you’d probably know.”

But wait! Before you go defriending everyone, think about the future, and how you will feel if you run in to them in real life. If you’re unsure , then there is an another option.

Its simple – just hide their updates from showing up in your newsfeed. Oila! Now we won’t bother you with our frequent posts, but you will save face at the next reunion!! 🙂 Check out this post for more info on how to ‘hide’ people in your newsfeed.

Now – back to defriending!

10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Following

10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Following – by guest blogger, Kylie Ross

Who doesn’t like tips? We recently found a comprehensive (and LONG) list of tips to get people to like your Facebook page. Thanks to Kylie Ross, our guest blogger, who has summarized and simplified the list for those of us who don’t have time to review the long version. 😀

Just remember that it takes time to build a new fan base from scratch and requires an ongoing commitment to brand, monitor and network with people who find interest in your product.

#1: Be Prepared With Quality Wall Posts and Consistent Engagement

Keep your page organized and loaded with fresh, quality content. Be consistent and active in your engagement with fans and also with the brand.

#2: Reward Your Loyal Supporters

Encourage existing and loyal customers to join your Facebok page as supporters, reward them with customizable badges/tabs (to be placed on their profiles for visibility) and special deals for consistent support.

#3: Leverage Your Existing Social Networks

If you’ve built a strong Twitter network for your business, utilize it to promote your Facebook page. Your followers can broadcast your message on both of their social platforms by reaching out to a greater audience about your business.

#4: Integrate Facebook Social Plugins to Your Website

It’s essential to have a main hub correlating all your social media activities. Your company’s website is the only place that gives you full control over content and brand management. Integrate Facebook social plugins to encourage connections such as Facebook’s Likebox, Like button, and Comment stream.

#5: Remind Your Fans to Like and Share

Facebook has some easy ready-made sharing buttons with which people can promote your tabs and pages to their friends.  Place a shout-out or reminder to ‘Like’ your status updates and instruct fans to click that little ‘Share’ button right next to your message so their friends will be alerted about the update.

#6: Utilize Forum Signatures and Membership Sites

If you’re an active participant in a forum or membership site, placing a signature with your fan page link is a plus. No-one will care about your information unless you stand out from the crowd. Be an active helper in a LinkedIn Group or a frequent poster of special tips and tricks.

#7: Take the Initiative: Request Help From Friends

It’s difficult to start a fan page with no engagement whatsoever. Why not initiate messages to your friends and buddies who are supportive of your business? Ask them to help out in some discussions, reward them with publicity or return the favor. Make sure the question is interesting enough to get them talking.

#8: Use Tagging and Acknowledgments

A great networking tool, status-tagging, can even drive in new connections.  Tag an author or a popular Facebook page to draw attention, but only if you have good reason to do so. For example, selflessly promote a niche-post and how it benefits people who like your page.

#9: Participate Outside Your Page

Use the Facebook Directory and Facebook Search to locate other Facebook pages in your niche and look for public discussions based on search terms related to your business. Provide value to the popular pages; build credibility and relationships with the admin and members.

#10: Collaborate With Other Page Admins for a Social Event

You can collaborate with other page admins to create a special event that may benefit both your fans and bring in new connections.  There should be a mutual understanding and proper planning to make it work for everyone’s professional goals.

Excerpted from a post by Mari Smith – Original Post