Fake Followers?

How many of your Twitter followers are fake? I’ve often wondered about that, as I am a firm believer in authenticity, and creating a community of real followers. So I’m kind of liking a new tool released by StatusPeople that allows you to check to see how many followers you have that are fake, inactive and real. You can also check your friends followers! Check it out here – and share how many fakers you have!

I was happy to see that I have 0% fake followers, 3% inactives, and 97% real followers.

Being Dumped in Social Media


In real life, we call it ‘being dumped’ or ‘breaking up’. In social media, its ‘defriending’. It is the act of leaving your friends, bf or gf, severing ties, calling it quits. Recently, I’ve been going through my social media lists, and making tough decisions on who to sever, and who to keep. In doing so, something came to mind.

What happens when you defriend someone in your social media world, and then you come face to face with them in real life?

What if you run in to them at the store? Coffee house? Out on the town?

One of my former school friends defriended me recently. I’m ok with that. I mean I don’t want to force myself on anyone. Argh – who am I kidding? It stings when you get dumped. Even if its online!

I’ve really thought through this… and even envisioned showing up at our next school reunion and running in to said ‘dumper’.  Would the conversation go something like this: “Hi Kerri*. Oh…what have I been up to? Well, if you hadn’t dumped me on Facebook, then you’d probably know.”

But wait! Before you go defriending everyone, think about the future, and how you will feel if you run in to them in real life. If you’re unsure , then there is an another option.

Its simple – just hide their updates from showing up in your newsfeed. Oila! Now we won’t bother you with our frequent posts, but you will save face at the next reunion!! 🙂 Check out this post for more info on how to ‘hide’ people in your newsfeed.

Now – back to defriending!

Got Klout?

UPDATE: Klout just released this great infograph that I thought helpful to those who have read this post on Klout. Enjoy!


Klout score and analysis

Do you have Klout?

When I first started noodling through social media land, back in the day (July 10, 2007 according to Facebook), I knew I was an early adopter, but wasn’t really too concerned about my Klout. What is Klout? According to Wikipedia: the company, Klout, “uses social media analytics to measure a user’s influence across their social network. The analysis is done on data taken from sites such as Twitter and Facebook and measures the size of a person’s network, the content created, and how other people interact with that content.”

So what is the benefit of having Klout? Ever wanted to be ‘famous’? Klout may help you get there. Want free stuff? Want to be an early user of cool stuff?  All this ‘apparently’ comes with having Klout. On the Klout website, there is a “Perks” tab, that shows you different rewards you ‘might’ be eligible for, IF you have KLOUT!

Klout Perks

Now, I have what is considered to be a fairly decent Klout score of 61. Some of the people I think are BIG social influencers have scores only slightly higher than me. But I never seem to receive decent Perk offers. Aren’t there companies out there that would like a socially savvy, 40+ female marketing executive to try out some of your cool stuff? Each “Perk” has eligibility requirements, and the good perks go really quickly. So either I’m not eligible (see image below where ‘location’ makes me ineligible) or I’m too late.

Klout Perks Eligibility

I hope smart businesses take note of Klout and leverage social influencers. Maybe one day I’ll get to try that shiny new product before anyone else does… 😀

Follow Up – How To Make Me Hire You

You're Hired

My recent blog post: It’s the Little Things – How to Make Me Hire You had such a huge response! I’m happy to report that I made offers to 5 of the candidates who interviewed with me last week! One of the candidates I hired was the gentleman who returned after the interview and hand delivered a personalized thank you letter.

I also decided to start a job listing page on my non-profit’s website to list all the opportunities that are sent to me to post. So if you have a position open in Hampton Roads (or anywhere really), let me know and I’d be happy to share it with my network. Feel free to share the link with your friends in case they are looking for a new opportunity. And thank you all for the fantastic response to my post. ~Sonya

It’s the Little Things – How to Make Me Hire You

Following on from my post : Its the Little Things – How to Make Me Your Customer, I thought I’d cover a post on how to make me hire you.

I’ve been interviewing people for positions I have open at my company. Six open positions, dozens of phone screens and interviews, and 20 in person interviews. I feel ‘almost’ like a pro!!! So what does it take to make me hire you? Here are just a few things you can do to “WOW” me:

  1. Be prompt: This doesn’t apply to just arriving in time for the interview. But also in responding to my emails and phone calls! Show that you are interested in the position by promptly responding to ANY communication from a hiring manager.
  2. Dress for success: I had someone show up for an interview in jeans once. Really! Yesterday, I interviewed a gentleman who was dressed impeccably! He had on a gorgeous suit and tie, subtle cologne, and his clothes were wrinkle free. I was able to focus on his talents and personality, vs. the horrible outfit he was wearing. Dress for the job you want!
  3. Come prepared: Nothing irks me more than candidates who show up for an interview with little or no preparation.
    1. Research the company you are interviewing with. You should understand the brands, products, and history at a minimum.
    2. Have a few questions ready to ask. If you don’t know what to ask, then google “questions to ask a potential employer“. A couple I like: “What is your management style”, “What are the top three qualities an employee needs to be successful in this job?”, “How would my job performance be evaluated?”
    3. Check out my LinkedIn profile! Maybe we have a few contacts in common. What a great ice breaker 🙂
  4. Do not look at your watch: Yes, it has happened. I’ve been interviewing someone, and they’ll look at their watch. Or check their phone. You can be the best candidate, with the best personality, but this ONE action will disqualify you immediately from the running if you are interviewing with me. (Note: There is ONE exception. If you have notified me in advance that you have to leave by a certain time due to a prior commitment, or because you are meeting with me during your lunch break. If you check your watch in this instance, that’s ok with me!)
  5. Do you want the job?: Tell me! We are in a ‘buyers market’ for employers and there are more qualified candidates than ever going after the few positions available in the market. So make sure you let me know if you really want the job! If you don’t, then tell me so I can move on to the next person. I like to hear people reiterate that this is the job for them.
  6. Be unique: This one is a little harder, but there are ways to accomplish this. Here are a few ideas that have worked for some of my recent candidates:
    1. Think outside the box for ways to format your resume. You don’t need to hire a designer, but consider putting your name in bold, large sized font down the left column of your resume versus the standard header.
    2. Consider sending your resume via Fedex or UPS. Especially if you have writing samples, creative samples or anything other than a resume you’d like to share with me.
    3. Send me flowers. (Just kidding!)
  7. Thank me: There are a couple of ways of doing this.
    1. Don’t forget to thank me during the interview. This should be a NO BRAINER! But so many people forget to do it!
    2. Send me a post interview or post phone call email thanking me for my time.
    3. You could also go that extra mile like one recent candidate: After the in person interview with myself and two members of my team, the candidate left our office, and returned an hour later with a personalized letter for each of us, thanking us for the interview, and stating again his desire to be hired for the position, and highlighting his skills. We were floored!!! He made an incredible impression!

So – if you need a job, subscribe to my blog. I typically post my open positions or other jobs I know about right here. Happy job hunting!



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