Fantastic Marketing Coordinator Opportunity – Northern Virginia

Posting this for a friend who is hiring. Great opportunity in Northern Virginia for a cool company – the Public Interest Registry (,  with plenty of fun travel opportunities, and flexibility. Must be in Northern Va .

*Send emails ONLY if you qualify to: or leave questions/comments on this post.

Position Title: Marketing Coordinator
Reports to: Marketing Communications Manager
Department: Marketing
Salary Range: $65,000 – $75,000 FT
Location: Reston, VA

Purpose: Drive the business by coordinating all marketing activities for PIR to build awareness, brand image and profitable sales across domains, .ORG and .NGO. The Marketing Coordinator will performs a variety of tasks, works under general supervision, with certain a degree of creativity and latitude.

Essential Accountabilities:
• Coordinates and implements marketing communication projects with responsibilities that include public relations, special events management, advertising, marketing research coordination, and creating collateral materials, including newsletters and other emails blasts.
• Specific areas of responsibility include:
• social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, etc),
• channel programs and communications (esp. registrars),
• sales support including collateral and PowerPoint presentations
• write newsletters (email) and various updates to PIR stakeholders and committees,
• coordinate and manage trade shows, sponsorships, event management, including scheduling staffing for events,
• communicate product positioning and coordinate launch campaigns,
• website (content only) management,
• facilitate/coordinate market research, including competitive analysis,
• coordinate public relations events and meetings
• Manage all activities in support of major PIR customer (registrar) events and sponsorships.
• Liaise with sales channel to continually improve operational support for revenue driving marketing and sales programs
• Provide support for the design, development and implementation of product branding and communications for all products and services.
• Work with the PR agency to integrate positioning and strategy between the two units (marketing and PR).
• Assist in the management of all marketing agencies and other external marketing resources, such as graphic designer and translators.
• Manage/deliver other goals as required by the Management to achieve goals.

Dimensions & Travel:
Marketing spans all of PIR, requiring knowledge of all our major activities.
Travel within the United States and abroad up to 20% of the time

Knowledge and Experience:
Education: BA or equivalent required, preferably in Communications.
Experience: 5 years of experience in technology marketing. Experience in the registry or related business helpful but not required. Social media expertise is critical.
Skills: Must possess the PIR core values: pragmatic, productive, creative, analytical, initiative, thorough, strong oral communications skills, works well with people, persuasive, strategic, integrity, and a sense of humor. Excellent writing, editing and proof reading skills are especially relevant.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It?

In the same vein as my post about fake Twitter followers – Fake Followers, I just read an expose on @shirls – someone who faked her way in to the lives of the rich and infamous of Silicon Valley. A social climber, who photoshopped her way in to connecting with some movers and shakers in the Valley, @shirls has been exposed for who she really is… a FAKE!
Lesson: Keep it real! Be authentic! Someone will find you out and expose you in one way or another.

Oh – and can you spot the fake picture? One is an original, the other @Shirls Photoshopped

Spot the fake!

Fake Followers?

How many of your Twitter followers are fake? I’ve often wondered about that, as I am a firm believer in authenticity, and creating a community of real followers. So I’m kind of liking a new tool released by StatusPeople that allows you to check to see how many followers you have that are fake, inactive and real. You can also check your friends followers! Check it out here – and share how many fakers you have!

I was happy to see that I have 0% fake followers, 3% inactives, and 97% real followers.

Pinterest and Copyright – I Was Wrong

I was presenting to a group of Yacht Brokers today in Houston. My “Brand Yourself” presentation included a section on Pinterest, with the recommendation that they start participating in that marketing medium. I mean boats = great pics = great Pinterest content / boards.

One of the brokers posed the question about copyright. There has been a lot of press about that topic recently. My response was that the originating site was responsible for checking the copyright, making the ‘pinner’ not responsible. However – I am wrong. It does happen occassionaly 😉 My humblest apologies to the broker with whom I’m supposed to debate this topic at lunchtime!

Upon checking, it is more than apparent that the pinner is responsible for obtaining the copyright, or making sure that they are able to share the image. Some sites block their images from being ‘pinned’, by adding ‘nopin’ code to their website.

So what does this mean for individuals? Chances are the worst that will happen is that you will receive a stern letter from the copyright holder demanding the image be removed. My personal opinion is that the risk is low, and it is still worth using Pinterest. In fact, most pinned images include a link back to the original image, improving the original site’s search engine ranking. And could also increase leads and conversions to that site. If I owned the site, I wouldn’t be complaining.

However, as a business using Pinterest, enter with more caution. Copyright owners are less forgiving for businesses using their images for commercial use.

So – my recommendation for business is to tread carefully. Make sure you either own the images, or make sure you get permission from copyright owners before using their content.

One more comment – in my personal opinion, any business that decided to sue a business or individual over copyright infringement on Pinterest is crazy! They should be grateful for the free exposure, and take advantage of the leads it may generate.  Any company that decided to sue a business or individual for copyright infringement on Pinterest would be facing a PR nightmare…(great article on that here).

So – enter at your own risk. I am! 😀

Read more here:

Oreo and the Mars Landing

What does an Oreo cookie have to do with the Mars landing?  It is part of The Daily Twist marketing campaign – an effort launched by Nabisco-owned Oreo launched in late June to mark the cookie’s 100th birthday. An image of an Oreo will be shared every day for the next 100 days on its Facebook page, a dedicated Tumblr account, and a page on the Nabisco website. This particular image garnered over 20,000 ‘likes’ , 365 comments, and over 3,100 shares on Facebook! Relevant, timely content.  That is how you play the social media game!  What do you think of their efforts?

Oreo Mars Landing


Oops – I’m back!


Gosh – it has been forever since I’ve posted on my blog. As much as I teach others how to setup, manage and maintain successful blogs, I’m the worst at practicing what I preach!

I have an excuse – I’ve been kind of busy. I was offered a new position back in March, to move to another division within Dominion Enterprises. Dominion Marine Media is the boating division within Dominion Enterprises and run the sites YachtWorldBoat Trader and I was brought in due to my social media experience, and my consumer marketing knowledge, to reinvent My role has evolved a little over time, and a few additional duties have been added, but I’m thrilled to be on the team, and to be working on such an important and exciting project!

I hope to be able to get back to blogging again. I’ve started speaking to the marine industry about social media and marketing, and can’t really be preaching, without practicing. So here we go – back on the bandwagon. If you have any suggestions, or would like me to focus on a topic you might have questions about, let me know. Happy to see how I can be of help.



Personal Branding – Your Identity

Personal Branding

I’m working on a coaching class to help my colleagues and team build personal brands. Once I’ve completed the class, I’ll share the material here for anyone who wishes to build their own online brand.

Here is a teaser:

STEP 1: Identify a high-interest topic that YOU are interested in and that you want to be perceived as an expert in.

STEP 2: Curate that topic and provide some context around it. Over time, if you continue curating a lot of content in that topic area, it will lead to expertise and credibility that will build a following.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!