Sonya Schweitzer aka SocialSonyaSonya Schweitzer : Marketing Professional
Twitter : @SocialSonya
Founder : The Geekettes Club
Winner : Inside Business’s Women in Business Award, 2010
Featured in : Hampton Roads Magazine, Aug, 2013

My name is Sonya, but I’m better known online as SocialSonya. I’ve been a marketer for many years, and have had the opportunity to work at some pretty cool places. I speak at many conferences and seminars around the country, educating folks on social media, reputation management, brand building, and more. I am an amateur photographer, and love taking pics of my travels, my dogs and food.

I am currently looking for my next challenge – hopefully back in the marketing arena. That is my passion and I’ve missed it.

Until recently, I was overseeing the business development and performance of boats.com, part of Dominion Marine Media, a division of Dominion Enterprises. I also established a Marketing Solutions team providing products and services for DMM customers, designed to generate more traffic and leads, engage with customers and build a positive reputation online.

In 2009, I finished a 5 year stint at AOL. Prior to AOL, I worked for a financial services company and an online education company. During 2009 – 2010, I started a marketing consulting agency called Wave Marketing – www.wavemarketing.biz. I loved working with clients to develop marketing strategy and plans for online and social media campaigns. I was recruited to Dominion in late 2010.

In 2010, I also founded a non-profit company, called The Geekettes Club. I formed the club to empower and inspire women through training, seminars, networking and more in the areas of technology, marketing and business.

Please write comments, repost, etc, and follow me on Twitter (I’ll follow you back!). And most of all, I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed are mine and do not necessarily reflect any of my affiliations.

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