Fries King?

This is one of the those head scratching marketing campaigns. What were they thinking?

Burger King recently launched a new line of fries called Satisfries that boast 40 percent less fat, 30 percent less calories and big taste. I’ll attest to them tasting pretty good for lower calorie fries (they’re still fries, so don’t kid yourselves!)

Then they launched a marketing campaign saying they’d changed their name to “Fries King”.  But it is all fake! And people are confused. And some are a little annoyed. I guess they’re hungry though, as people seem to be heading to their local BURGER Kings’ to grab some Satisfries.

Is this marketing campaign a success? I’m not sure. If foot traffic and sales were the goals, then I guess its successful. But confusing your audience – thats not smart. Lets see what happens…


It’s Been a A While – and 13 Trends for 2013

Ok – I know. I don’t play by my own rules… and haven’t posted a blog post in months! I apologize. That whole work thing keeps getting in my way 🙂 I’m sorry…

So here I am again, and its time to share new stuff.  I just participated in 2 days of training with some of my colleagues at Dominion Enterprises (home of the brands, ForRent, CycleTrader, and of course the marine businesses that I work for:, Boat Trader and YachtWorld). We have a heap of marketing talent in our company, so we gather every year to share experiences, ideas and best practices.

Presenting Personas at Dominion Enterprises

Presenting ‘Personas’

I was able to present on Humanizing Data – creating and leveraging personas. This was a fun one for me as I’ve been using personas in marketing for years. I’ll load up my presentation to Slideshare shortly. But the point is to identify your audience segments using a bunch of data, and create personas to help guide design, product development, etc. Fun stuff.

I also happen to be a fan of Ted Leonsis (formerly AOL, current co-CEO of Groupon, owner of the Washington Wizards, and board member at American Express.) Smart guy. Anyway, he just posted a top 13 Trends list that I happen to agree with!

Ted Leonsis

Ted Leonsis


#2     Mobile Fuels Conversion to a Cashless Economy. Over the next two years, the mobile payment market will reach $670 billion.

#3     Consumerization of IT leads to New Security Concerns, with Resulting Business Opportunities. (Good thing the husband is in the IT security sector!)

#6     Convergence Finally Becomes a Reality. Your computer, phone and TV are now all just screens.

#9     Home Automation. We will be able to control energy, security, video, communications, electronics through wireless technologies.

#13 Vertical Sprouts = Consumers and Money. First came the major “horizontal” companies, like Amazon in ecommerce and Facebook in social. Next up: vertical companies in spaces like women, teens, sports, and seniors.

This last one is big… looking forward to reading more on this.

Click here for the full list.

Would love to hear your thoughts – do you agree/disagree , maybe add something else? Please leave comments below!
P.S. Thanks for visiting!

Fantastic Marketing Coordinator Opportunity – Northern Virginia

Posting this for a friend who is hiring. Great opportunity in Northern Virginia for a cool company – the Public Interest Registry (,  with plenty of fun travel opportunities, and flexibility. Must be in Northern Va .

*Send emails ONLY if you qualify to: or leave questions/comments on this post.

Position Title: Marketing Coordinator
Reports to: Marketing Communications Manager
Department: Marketing
Salary Range: $65,000 – $75,000 FT
Location: Reston, VA

Purpose: Drive the business by coordinating all marketing activities for PIR to build awareness, brand image and profitable sales across domains, .ORG and .NGO. The Marketing Coordinator will performs a variety of tasks, works under general supervision, with certain a degree of creativity and latitude.

Essential Accountabilities:
• Coordinates and implements marketing communication projects with responsibilities that include public relations, special events management, advertising, marketing research coordination, and creating collateral materials, including newsletters and other emails blasts.
• Specific areas of responsibility include:
• social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, etc),
• channel programs and communications (esp. registrars),
• sales support including collateral and PowerPoint presentations
• write newsletters (email) and various updates to PIR stakeholders and committees,
• coordinate and manage trade shows, sponsorships, event management, including scheduling staffing for events,
• communicate product positioning and coordinate launch campaigns,
• website (content only) management,
• facilitate/coordinate market research, including competitive analysis,
• coordinate public relations events and meetings
• Manage all activities in support of major PIR customer (registrar) events and sponsorships.
• Liaise with sales channel to continually improve operational support for revenue driving marketing and sales programs
• Provide support for the design, development and implementation of product branding and communications for all products and services.
• Work with the PR agency to integrate positioning and strategy between the two units (marketing and PR).
• Assist in the management of all marketing agencies and other external marketing resources, such as graphic designer and translators.
• Manage/deliver other goals as required by the Management to achieve goals.

Dimensions & Travel:
Marketing spans all of PIR, requiring knowledge of all our major activities.
Travel within the United States and abroad up to 20% of the time

Knowledge and Experience:
Education: BA or equivalent required, preferably in Communications.
Experience: 5 years of experience in technology marketing. Experience in the registry or related business helpful but not required. Social media expertise is critical.
Skills: Must possess the PIR core values: pragmatic, productive, creative, analytical, initiative, thorough, strong oral communications skills, works well with people, persuasive, strategic, integrity, and a sense of humor. Excellent writing, editing and proof reading skills are especially relevant.

I guess I don’t “Cut the Mustard” … thanks Grey Poupon

I guess I’m not good enough to eat certain brands of mustard 😦  As an avid eater of Grey Poupon mustard, I was interested to read that they had launched a campaign today on Facebook, that requires one to apply to become a ‘member’ of their Facebook page. Instead of simply ‘liking’ the page, you have to submit an application that screens your Facebook profile, to determine if your up to snuff to be granted access to their Facebook page. (If you ‘like’ their page, they will cancel that like – somehow).

At first it seemed ingenious! I mean, how better to create a loyal and engaged following than by being selective about who you interact with.  But what happens if they’re selection filter isn’t working properly, and once loyal eaters are denied access? Well – they lose customers, and they create negative feelings towards their brand.

Ok – maybe I’m just a sore loser. But if I’m a lifelong eater of your product, and am not living on the streets, enjoy food, travel internationally, and am a reasonably well established business woman, how do I not fit in :/


I’ll be keeping an eye on their campaign to see how they’re doing. I like innovative and creative marketing ideas. And love this concept, in theory. Not sure their selection criteria or filters work well enough to test the loyalty of their users. Here is a small sample of the Facebook page posts:

Fake It ‘Til You Make It?

In the same vein as my post about fake Twitter followers – Fake Followers, I just read an expose on @shirls – someone who faked her way in to the lives of the rich and infamous of Silicon Valley. A social climber, who photoshopped her way in to connecting with some movers and shakers in the Valley, @shirls has been exposed for who she really is… a FAKE!
Lesson: Keep it real! Be authentic! Someone will find you out and expose you in one way or another.

Oh – and can you spot the fake picture? One is an original, the other @Shirls Photoshopped

Spot the fake!

Fake Followers?

How many of your Twitter followers are fake? I’ve often wondered about that, as I am a firm believer in authenticity, and creating a community of real followers. So I’m kind of liking a new tool released by StatusPeople that allows you to check to see how many followers you have that are fake, inactive and real. You can also check your friends followers! Check it out here – and share how many fakers you have!

I was happy to see that I have 0% fake followers, 3% inactives, and 97% real followers.