New Media Conventions: Social Media at the Beach – my new home!

Back in June, I moved from the suburbs of Washington DC to Virginia Beach, VA. It was a big move as I had spent the better part of the last decade living in New York and DC, working in the high-tech arena and living a pretty fast paced lifestyle. Here I was, moving to a Southern conservative city, with a high number of military bases. What would I do for a living? And what kind of high-tech or new media groups did they have down here for me to network with?

Virginia Beach Pier
Virginia Beach Pier

I started searching online for groups to hang out with and attended a Technology Meetup. Soon thereafter, I attended the New Media Convention put on by a couple of locals who were passionate about Social Media. Well then – wasn’t I surprised! AND happy! I had found a group of smart, passionate and like-minded people to hang out with! Then came the invitation to help organize the upcoming New Media Convention in April – wow! I was honored.

So, I consider myself pretty lucky. I get to live in a great beach location that has the laid-back surfy lifestyle I grew up with in Sydney, Australia. AND I get to hang out with some pretty cool people, learn from them and get to share my passion with them.

I hope you will also share our passion for Social Media and New Media at April’s convention. There is nothing better than being able to discover, share and learn while at the beach! And April is a great time to visit. Travel from Richmond, DC, or Charlotte, NC is easy by car. Norfolk’s ORF Airport services direct flights from NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, and many other major metro areas.

So come visit me in my new home, and get a little social media at the beach!

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