A Few Good Men

I’m so grateful! This week I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a number of new contacts – and GOOD contacts at that.

First, I met with Jim Jones of Macro Networking Solutions. Macro is a computer networking support company specializing in small businesses. If you’ve ever wondered if you have enough security on your computer network/system, or if you’re concerned about viruses (of the computer kind of course), losing your data (backup your computers people!) or if you just need a system upgrade,  then Macro is the partner you need! Oh – and if you’re in the medical field, they know EVERYTHING about HIPAA!

Jim is not a geek, but he knows his stuff. He will work with you to determine what is needed – nothing more, nothing less. So you don’t end up wasting money on useless equipment.

Another great contact I made this week was Gary Martin at Print Leads and More. He is a list management guru! He works magic with lists – need to reach people who live on a certain street in a particular neighborhood whose income is above $50K? Gary will find them for you. He works wonders with mail – direct mail that is. And other print stuff. But his specialty is lists. Let me know if you need lists – or direct mail – or email – or whatever. I’d be thrilled to make the introduction.

I love it when I get to meet great people who have great businesses! Please keep these folk in mind if you need Computer Networking , List Management (or print) assistance!

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