10 Tools To Help You Track and Perform Better on Twitter

I love data! If I wasn’t a marketing strategist, I’d be a marketing analyst for sure. Here are some great Twitter tools to analyze all that Twitter data. It might not make your content any better (sorry, only YOU can improve your content), but it might make you manage your Twitter account perform a little bit better and help you understand whats going on with your account, your follower, etc. Are you trying to increase traffic to your website or blog? Or maybe you’re trying to get more business from your followers?

With traditional marketing campaigns, we are always measuring performance – making sure your spend is creating the desired effect (conversions, traffic , etc.)  Social media is no different.

So here are some tools to help you measure and track performance, look at your followers, and analyze how you’re doing on Twitter. (Courtesy of SocialMouths).

1. TwitterCounter

TwitterCounter shows you stats based on your growth, it obviously counts your followers and following over a period of time but it also gives you a couple of cool digits like a projection of what your following base will be in a specific time, your ranking and your average daily growth. It also offers a paid service if you manage multiple accounts and need to compare to each other. Pretty cool and simple.


2. SocialMention

Another destination with some cool data to take in consideration. SocialMention, which gathers data from all social sites and not just Twitter,  analyzes positive versus negative mentions, your reach with unique authors, top keywords, users, hashtags and resources on those mentions.


3. Klout

Klout measures Twitter influence. It tells you if you are a Persona, a Connector, Climber or Casual. It gives you a score from 1 to 100 based on influence and it analyzes reach, demand, engagement, velocity and activity. The other very cool feature is that you can search for a topic and it will show you who the biggest influencers are so you can learn from them.


4. Twitter Grader

Very simple, TwitterGrader gives you a grade based on the number of followers, power of those followers, updates, follower/following ratio and engagement. It also provides you with a ranking.


5. Monitter

What if you had the power to know what people are talking about on specific topics, let’s say… your industry or a product you sell. Better yet, what if you had a dashboard in front of you that let’s you track these conversations so you would know what step to take next, in real-time! That is exactly what Monitter does.


6. Xefer

Xefer creates a graph of your tweets by day and times in relationship with the replies you get. It is a good method to visualize the quality of your tweets.


7. HootSuite

I don’t personally use HootSuite, but have a bunch of friends who do. And I understand why. The reporting capabilities of HootSuite are fantastic. As long as you use the Ow.ly URL shortener, HootSuite tracks all your clicks and it also displays the most popular ones. If you have a blog, this is a good tool to see what content had good responses so you can follow that trend.


8. GraphEdge

GraphEdge is not free but is very affordable depending on the number of followers you have. This is another tool that presents some pretty cool data to analyze. Some of this data includes your legitimate followers and the percentage in relationship to your total followers, your followers’ most relevant friends, which I think will be the next person you need to follow and it also shows your churn rate.


9. Bit.ly

Bit.ly is more than a URL shortener. What I like about it is the simple way of displaying data related to one specific link. It includes the clicks, the reactions on different websites including Facebook and all the conversation generated around it.


10. Tweepi

Tweepi helps you manage your followers/following by sorting information by different criteria. It helps you “flush” the people that you are following but are not following you back and keep a good ratio. At the same time, it helps you increase your following in bulk, but it is not your typical mass-following application. It is free at the moment but I expect that to change soon.


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  1. Love your blog. Lots of good information

  2. socialsonya says:

    Thanks Wendy – that means a lot! 😀 You made my day…

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