Social Media Experts Exposed

Social media is no longer a buzz word. Brands are getting smart and hiring qualified people to manage and execute social media programs; and self proclaimed experts will continue to blog, tweet and facebook themselves into oblivion.

This post by John Moore sums up my thoughts quite well on this subject; if you can’t deliver business value to a brand or any sized business, you will be exposed. Driving strong customer relationships and increasing brand awareness is not the same as personal branding, period.

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  1. cara mandart says:

    Hmm, I’ve met these people who don’t bring solid business skills to the social media table, give away the service for cheap with low expectations. They say you cant measure the goals, don’t even create specific goals, or think you can do social media without first having a marketing plan. When people approach me I refer them to marketing experts first before I even start with the social media part.(Just because they found twitter early or can make a cool twitter background doesn’t replace years of real business experience, which I recognize Wave sure has!) Proper Integrated Social Media Strategy is valuable and you pay for what you get.

  2. socialsonya says:

    Cara – you’re so right. I’ve probably met the same people you’re talking about 😉 It is painful to start working with a new client who has learnt the hard way that social media is best left to the experts. 😀 Thanks for posting!

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