Make LinkedIn Work For Your Business!

I found something pretty cool today so wanted to share. Have you ever wondered how to use LinkedIn for business and marketing? I mean, most of us know how to use it to find a job, but as part of a marketing plan?

Here is a pretty comprehensive (20 pages!) excerpt from a case study collection on Successes using LinkedIn : How 11 companies are using the global networking site to achieve their business and marketing goals.

Download the PDF here: LinkedIn_Success_Stories_EXCERPT

If you want the full article, you need to pay for it, but I think this pdf gives some great info (its 20 pages LONG!) without paying out $49 😀

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  1. This article was really helpful in getting a better understanding of the tools available on LinkedIn and how I can utilize them to grow my business. Thank for sharing, Sonya. You are, as always, a wonderful font of knowledge and information!

    1. socialsonya says:

      Well thank you! Greatly appreciate the comment 😀

  2. Penny says:

    Thanks Sonya, I appreciated the link to the article. I especially liked the case study of the journalist that used LinkedIn to market himself and get a job, using his puppetier and psychic skills! I’ve just started using LinkedIn and find it’s a refreshing relief from the SPAM and junk on Twitter, and the games invites on Facebook. I’ve joined a WordPress Group, and a Community College Group on LinkedIn, and I’ve really enjoyed the group questions and insights.

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