From Your Eyes to Your Hands!

Eyes to HandsI love it when I read a blog that speaks to me! I just read a great article at a blog on TwistImage – Six Pixels of Separation about moving marketing from your eyes to your hands. Remember when marketing was about ‘eyeballs’ and getting those ‘eyeballs’ on your website. Remembers those days??? I do – all to well!! I remember the AOL executives begging us to garner eyeballs. And then it was all about ‘stickiness’ and ‘time on page/site’.

Today, with Social Media, it is all about the hands! How can a concept be “explored, shared, posted elsewhere, mashed-up, expanded upon or completely re-invented” (using your hands)! Read the article – it is worth the few minutes of reading.

“Do your own brand analysis and figure out how much of your content, media and marketing can people simply look at with their eyes versus their ability to use their own two hands to really do stuff with it (and that includes very simple stuff like writing a short review)?”

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