Ten Simple Blogging Tips to Increase Your Traffic

Blog TrafficAre you satisfied with your blog traffic? Do you know hot to increase it?

I was reading some of the posts on Inbound Marketers – For Marketing Professionals (a group of which I’m a member on Linked In) and saw a post by one of our members, Erin Smith that resonated with me. She  put together a practical list of top 10 Simple Blogging Tricks (that will jump-start traffic to your business). I am happy to say I do some of these things already, but there are certainly tips I can start using today! Here is the list:

1. Install the Onlywire plug-in and submit all your blog posts to social media bookmarks, your readers will be able to use this button as well.

I’ve been using Onlywire for a while now, and am very impressed with the ease of use and performance.

2. Put up a video with you introducing them to your blog and say thanks for visiting, this is what you’re going to get out of my blog.

Ok, I need to do this. Maybe once I have a good hair day!

3. Don’t pitch with every blog post, post content that will actually benefit others.

I would like to think I’m doing this!

4. Insert a visible opt-in form that appears on every page. My intro video also invites them to opt-in and tell them what they’ll get if they do.

I have one of those. Look on the right column – you can sign up to receive notifications of my posts, and/or sign up for the RSS feed.

5. Put the Retweet and Facebook share plug-ins on your posts. The more you create a social buzz with your content, the more Google looks at it.

As I don’t (yet) use WordPress.org (that allows plug-ins), I rely on the ‘add-this’ tool and the other built-in buttons provided by WordPress (looks like they’re expanding their ‘share’ buttons pretty frequently).

6. You personally can share your new blog posts on Twitter and Facebook

Yep – I share… ;D

7. Make a video about your post on Youtube and link it back to your blog.

Hmm – good idea.. again. I hope I have a good hair day tomorrow! Oh, and you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here 😀

8. Use an article submitter to blast out your post to hundreds of article directories. The more “hooks” you have out there the more people are going to be “caught.”

I haven’t found a submitter I like, so if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know. In the meantime, I do use Ezinearticles and Squidoo.

9. Make sure you have a keyword in mind and have that keyword in the title, description, tags, body, and anchor text (the text that you click on in a link)

I do try doing this, but I’m not as diligent about this as I could or should be…

10. Make a Squidoo and a Hubpage with links back to your original post on your blog.

Yep – on my todo list 😀

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