#LMX2010 – A Big Day in Hampton Roads History

LMX LogoTomorrow is a big day in Hampton Roads. For the first time, the region is pulling out all the stops and hosting a huge marketing convention. This is a big deal in this military heavy region – most conventions are government or military related.

Kurt NoerAbout a year ago, Kurt Noer, the CEO and Founder of Customer Magnetism, a leading SEO firm based in Virginia Beach, started to tease us with the hopes of such an event. With an enormous effort on the part of Kurt, and his amazingly talented conference coordinator, Nicole Newsome, the event has truly become something the likes the region has never before seen.

nicole newsome

Local Marketing Expo is going to showcase everything this region has to offer in the marketing realm , plus introduce the locals to some marketing superstars. We are so fortunate to have the likes of Sam Feldman from Google, Maurice Jones of Pilot Media, and Sharon Frazier of Cox Media presenting key note speeches. I, for one, can’t wait to hear what these business leaders have to share with us!

So welcome to anyone who is flying in, and to all of you attending, take lots of notes!  And make sure you join me for the Email Marketing panel at 4pm! We have a great team of folks who will be discussing the benefits of email marketing (did I tell you that email marketing has an ROI of $43.52! That is $43.52 return for EVERY dollar spent!!! Crazy!

We will be Tweeting, Facebooking, and blogging from the event (follow #lmx2010 on Twitter for updates and tidbits from the attendees).

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