Its the Little Things – How to Make Me Your Customer

Update: Lands End Canvas blows me away. They really know how to treat people right! After I wrote my post, I tagged them on a FB post about my blog post, and next thing I know, my blog is on FIRE! The page views went through the roof. Why? Because Lands End posted about ME on their FB page… nice! 😀

Its the little things…

A month or so ago, I ordered something from Lands End “Canvas”. It was just a t-shirt or something, but a week or so after I received it, I also received this personalized Thank You card! Nice hand-written note from customer service along with a personal email address and name to contact (vs. an @Info email address!)

The second thing that arrived was a pen. Not just an ordinary pen, but one that is super slick and branded with “Wave Marketing”.  It is my new favorite pen.  Now I am a bit of a pen whore… I own a LOT of pens, and am known to visit expo halls just to take pens… But this came to ME in the mail! With my business name on it! And – it has a flashlight 😀

Ok – its the small things, people. The small things… I’ll buy from Lands End Canvas again, and I’m thinking of ordering some of the pens (even if they ARE kind of expensive). Customer service is what its all about.

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  1. marketini says:

    Great post, and what an impressive CRM campaign. The hand written note is first class with a personal touch. Considering the logistics and extra investment that this campaign requires, I don’t see it as a small thing. The company must realize the importance of cultivating customer lifetime values.

    1. socialsonya says:

      Thanks! I agree – it really is an impressive CRM campaign. “The small things” maybe should be the ‘simple’ things… because it is a simple thing that impressed me so much. They could have just included a card in my package, but they went out of the way to send a separate mailing.
      They’ll keep my business 😀

  2. Deb says:

    Love this blog. I was always called old fashion when I sent clients a hand written note. Funny how all those client from my old ad selling days still call me to say HI!

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