27 FREE Marketing Guides

Download image filesI love free resources, and so when I come across a nice list of resources, I like to share them with my readers.

VerticalResponse has an amazing repository of downloadable PDF files on topics including Social Media and Email Marketing. [VerticalResponse is an email marketing solution provider, offering solutions to businesses of all sizes]. Check them out below and feel free to download!


newGet Social and Get Results: Social Media Essentials pdfDownload PDF
new3 Simple Get Holiday Ready Tips for Email pdfDownload PDF
Email Authentication – How VerticalResponse Sets You Up for Inbox Success pdfDownload PDF
Grow Your Business With Affiliate Marketing pdfDownload PDF
10 Email Creation Tips pdfDownload PDF
Savvy Subject Line Writing for Success pdfDownload PDF
Email Marketing: 8 Big Reasons Why Your Small Business Will Look Like a GIANT pdfDownload PDF
The Hotter Than Ever Guide to Sizzling Summer Marketing pdfDownload PDF
Event Marketing for Your Business pdfDownload PDF
5 Simple Ways to “Go Green” with Your Marketing pdfDownload PDF
5 Truths of Email Marketing pdfDownload PDF
5 Step Marketing Plan pdfDownload PDF
5 Steps to a Successful Newsletter pdfDownload PDF
Email Best Practices Download PDF
Email Marketing Resolutions pdfDownload PDF
VerticalResponse, Email Delivery & You: A Handy Guide pdfDownload PDF
9-Hour Marketing Makeover Download PDF
Quick Start Guide pdfDownload PDF
Email Checklist pdfDownload PDF


Survey, Event, & Postcard Guides
Step-by-Step Guide to Survey Success pdfDownload PDF
9 Steps to Launch Your First Survey pdfDownload PDF
Best Practices for Designing a Survey pdfDownload PDF
15 Postcard Tips, Tricks and Hints Download PDF
Event Management with VerticalResponse Surveys pdfDownload PDF


Social Media Guides
Why Social Sharing? pdfDownload PDF
Social Media Checklist pdfDownload PDF
Integrating Social Media and Email Checklist pdfDownload PDF



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