Part 2: Notes from ISUM10 – Research 2.0: Using Technology to Drive Insight

Insights Research 2.0Part 2: My Notes From Internet Summit 2010

Colin Hynes – Rue La La

Research 2.0: Using Technology to Drive Insight

(Colin is Zsar of Social at Rue La La)


  • Who is coming to your site?
  • What are they trying to accomplish?
  • Are they successful?
  • If not why?
  • If so, why?
  • What do they do after they leave?

Traditional research methods:

  • Focus groups
  • Surveys (paper, phone)
  • Usability testing
  • In-person Exit studies
  • Field studies

New methods:

  • Un-moderated usability testing
  • Card sorting
  • Evolutionary design
  • Virtual spaces
  • Web analytics traffic analysis
  • Exit surveys
  • Inline data collection
  • Dedication online communities
  • Brand clusterings
  • Packaging feedback

Exit SurveysCase Study: Exit Survey 3-4% response rate

  • Analysis Approach: Prioritize relative to conversion opportunity
  • Purpose of visit responses are a proxy for conversion funnel
  • High potential conversion + unsuccessful visit = high opportunity
  • (Funnel represents the reasons someone’s visiting your website).
  • So… need to ask the purchase intent
  • Highest ROI for making site changes

Resource: 4QSurvey

  • Free exit survey tool
  • Serve the survey by traffic
  • Look at responses by traffic
  • Drill down into what really matters
  • Look at the issues. And then ask why!

Customers with existing sets looking to buy in the current visit are not converting due primarily to:

  • Their target products being viewed as discontinued or not available (SO is it REALLY discontinued? Check on these issues… identifying issues)
  • They are looking to see if the products will be on sale or an on an outlet price

Customers looking to buy new pieces within the current visit are not converting due to a myriad reasons:

  • Could not find what they were looking for
  • Functional issue on their side
  • Still in browsing phase
  • Prices are too high (i.e. waiting for pieces to go on sale)

Usability TestingUnmoderated Usability Testing


  • $39/per person for 15 mins of their time. You set tasks, or say ‘go’
  • Recording of their voice
  • Record what they’re doing on the screen
  • You can use their users, or use your own users
  • Can be done on demo sites or mockups
  • Vetted users
  • Client ratings on user
  • 25 responses within 3 hours
  • 8-14 ppl for good test
  • Robust reporting etc.
  • Helps you prioritize your website changes /updates

CardSortOnline Card Scoring

  • Lining up ‘alike’ things in card stacks
  • Free tools – or low cost tools.

Resource: Websort

  • We have ideas of how things should be grouped together, but customers have other ones…
  • So give them a ‘card stack’ and ask them to create groups

Additional Resource:

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