Fries King?

This is one of the those head scratching marketing campaigns. What were they thinking?

Burger King recently launched a new line of fries called Satisfries that boast 40 percent less fat, 30 percent less calories and big taste. I’ll attest to them tasting pretty good for lower calorie fries (they’re still fries, so don’t kid yourselves!)

Then they launched a marketing campaign saying they’d changed their name to “Fries King”.  But it is all fake! And people are confused. And some are a little annoyed. I guess they’re hungry though, as people seem to be heading to their local BURGER Kings’ to grab some Satisfries.

Is this marketing campaign a success? I’m not sure. If foot traffic and sales were the goals, then I guess its successful. But confusing your audience – thats not smart. Lets see what happens…

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